Sun, Surf and slightly shitty luck

So today, I went on an outing to a water park with a few of my friends to celebrate one of their birthdays and I should’ve already predicted that the day was going to go swimmingly. Hah…get it? Swimming? Water? N-Never-mind, blame the chlorine.


Due to certain mishaps that happened, two of my friends were unable to go to the outing which left only 4 people including me. But no matter, I thought innocently, at least I’ll be able to have fun!

Oh god was a mistake, right it was.

Because once we entered the water park, we teamed up to ride the rides, I was with…let’s call her, Ness. And no, this is not some kind of mean reference to her name but rather finding it hard to find a nickname for her without revealing too much information.

So, Ness and I decided to ride this ‘not-so-scary’ float ride that looked something like this


Unfortunately for me, we had to climb the really high tower before we could reach the ride and considering that I was a 5ft 1′ tall hobbit and Ness was like 6ft tall, the height difference as we carried the huge float as we climbed mount Everest was painstakingly annoying. When we slid down the first time, we didn’t actually go so high so even though I was scared, it wasn’t that bad.

The second time, on the other hand, we somehow fell sideways and we also went super high so picture this. The float fell down, somehow turned horizontally, went about 50 ft in the air and one of the seats was broken and you couldn’t see the drop. Now, add in some screaming from every MC in horror movies and you have the scenario I was in that moment. So practically, me and Ness were screaming our heads off like One Direction fangirls who found a piece of paper that Harry Styles’s touched.


That wasn’t the end to my trauma, oh no, after that, we decided to try out another ride that went all twisty and had this high wall part so of course, I was shitting myself but because I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad, I went on it.

Again, an omen reminded me that it would be a bad idea to take the ride again as we were the only group who’s float got stuck in the tunnel and had to wait for the helper guy to push us through. I used to have this whole theory that omens would predict bad luck that was about to happen to me so naturally, I was hesitant.


A little background on the ride, there were two paths that we could take as we were sliding down. One of them was the least scary ride with only twists and the other one was a twisty tunnel and a huge drop straight into a spider-man wall cling.

And the omen guessed right. The first time we rode the ride, it was the milder path while the second time we went on the ride, we got the DEATH DROP. Ironically, before we sat on the float my friend told me to pick a seat where I would be more stable but for some reason, I was the only to have water spray me directly in my face and cause me to swallow some feet water which was about as pleasant as it sounds.


Then on the third time we rode the ride, because daredevils, the float for some reason, flipped horizontally again and guess who had the worse deal in the situation? Yours truly. I was the one highest in the float as compared to the others and of course, air physics and gravity had to choose today out of all the days to work properly and that meant that I was about to fall out of my float which would probably end in tragedy.

If I did not cling onto the handles for dear life, I would’ve fell out of the float and slammed into the wall and this time, I was not exaggerating, I was so close to actually sliding off the float and was pretty much floating for five seconds.


Apart from my newly upgraded phobia of heights, I also sustained actual injuries during the lazing around in the water. I somehow acquired a nosebleed which would probably answer the question to why the lifeguard was looking at me weirdly. I didn’t realize it but somehow, the combination of chlorine, sun and lack of water had affected my head which resulted in my unexpected nosebleed.


I then scrapped my legs knee against the wall enough times to welcome a new wound to my already damaged which are tanned to the colour of lobsters.

But hey enough depressing downer talk, let’s review the positives of the outing!

We went and ate at this amazeballs restaurant that had these weird food combinations that you could order for the low low price of $6.80 and this led to my decision to combine spaghetti with Japanese curry, cheese and scrambled eggs which…was actually pretty good not gonna lie. I wish I had a picture to show you peeps but it was so good that I had set a new record for the fastest eating of spaghetti with Japanese curry, cheese and scrambled eggs, probably.

But fear not because I had taken some pictures of hipster-styled useless-I mean, artistic photographs of my Iced Lemon Tea which wasn’t bad but I didn’t like tea so I gave it a pass and instead tried to wrestle in getting the lemon out of the tea which got me some weird looks.

IMG_20170607_170041.jpg IMG_20170607_170200.jpg

But then! All was not over yet! There was still desert left, the wondrous, beautiful creation that is called rainbow ice-cream. Yes, you heard me, R.A.I.N.B.O.W. ICE-CREAM

giphy (1).gif

And my friend, the birthday girl, she has the best luck in the entire universe which is also ironic since she’s friends with me, one of the unluckiest creatures in the galaxy. The rainbow, unicorn sparkle sparkle, キラキラ, きらきら, ice cream is not usually available in the restaurant and for some reason, on that one day did they happen to have it.



IMG_20170607_172417.jpg IMG_20170607_172518.jpg  IMG_20170607_172651.jpg

So I may have gotten a little crazy by taking so many ice cream photos, sue me but you know deep in your hearts that this is one of the most beautiful things you have every seen. Flavour wise, it was a mix of mango, bubblegum, maybe chocolate? My taste-buds have never been so confused before but it tasted good.

So this experience certainly has its ups and downs, ahem, literally but one thing I will say for sure, I will never look at escalators in the same way ever again.





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