Beware of the ‘offended’ and ‘triggered’

As the title says, I am in no way trying to cause a swarm of social justice warriors to drown me in pitchforks and 50ft tall paragraphs but rather am writing purely to express my views on societal issues of the world so…call off the attack dogs and don’t get your knickers in a twist.


So, what exactly can constitute for being ‘offensive’ or ‘triggering’ as the meme hipsters say. For those Patrick Stars of the world, to be triggered is to say that something had an offensive effect on the reader or watcher. The word is usually used in situations where the person is really sensitive and easily ‘triggered’.

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind from the word ‘offensive’ or ‘triggered’ would be race, religion or sexuality. If so, then you are both right and wrong. nothing is set in stone in terms of how offensive it is to someone. Let’s use an example:

Person: Yo, did you send me that fake number of that supposed ‘model’?

Friend: Lol. Yup.

Person: You’re a fucking asshole. I hope you die in a ditch and have your cat stolen by a raging orangutan. You assbutt.


Now, is that conversation offensive to you? If you answer yes, you are not quite wrong, same thing if you answered yes because it depends on the situation as I said before. If it was a complete stranger or someone that holds a position of respect, the comeback of the person is completely unnecessary and rude.

Now, think of it again but imagine the friend being close to you. If your friendship is stronger than a strand of hair, you will probably brush their comment off and take it with a pinch of salt.


Let’s have a counter for the total number of Supernatural Gifs that I can fit into this post. Hell, I may even break the goddamn Guinness world record for it.

Back to the conversation, everyone has a different degree sense of offensiveness and what’s triggering to one may not apply for the other. Now, with that in mind, let’s talk about the recent news of ‘fatness’ and what others view on the topic.

I believe that when you think of fat, such imagery may pop up in your brain.


Or this.


No, not Jensen Ackles’s angelic face but the constant eating which is a misconception about fatness. Here’s the thing, people are becoming more conformed to comfort as years go by, the invention of air conditioning and the internet definitely helped that factor.

So, add into the equation the easy access of food from both online and convenient stores and you have a route to obesity.


A few years ago, the word fat may be associated as just the word opposite to skinny or thin with no other thought paid into it however, with the constant stream of chiseled, orange tanned, models with flowing hair and flat stomachs, the word has morphed into an insult.

The stereotype among girls is that the word ‘fat’ would be used to tell someone that they need to diet or lose weight which can often be a bad thing depending on their size. Also, fat is now a foreign word and instead ‘curvy’ or ‘plus-sized’ dominate the market for slightly heavier girls.


This is…still sort of Supernatural-esque? A Castiel cosplay which I like and is of a plus-sized chick, win win.

While many consider plus-sized and curvy to be sugar coating the word fat, others may argue on that factor with plus-sized and curvy people being more of the average sized women rather than overweight people.

Examples of Plus-sized models are: (I’m sorry that Supernatural is not a favorite among models)

Ashley Graham


Tess Holliday


Be honest, what’s the first word that comes to your mind when you see the girls.

Is it fat? And if so, don’t feel bad because its not a bad word. Its just how you’re conditioned to believe that its a bad word. In fact, a bad word doesn’t technically exist, bad words are just words that you are taught to be unacceptable and again, it varies from person to person. One parent might say that ‘damn’ is a bad word while another might be okay with it.

Its just a matter of thinking. Now, what I am concerned about is not the backlash the girls get for being heavier than the average woman but rather how heavy they weigh. Statistics say that the average weight of a female is 70.2kg.

An example would be this:


Oh wait…t-this…PFFTTTT I totally did not think Osric Chau was a chick or like put this in just to up the Supernatural reference counter…COUGH mo-moving on…


Catherine Tate

A perfect example of an incredible actress for Doctor Who and a woman of average size. Now say all you want for the fact that she may not be incredibly thin but you cannot deny the fact that she’s not fat.

Now, let’s consult Oxford Dictionary on what the definition of ‘fat’ is…

FAT: (of a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh.

Huh…so…being fat…is not even an insult but rather a comment.

giphy (1).gif

So, what is fat then? Simply, being fat is nothing more than being the apple to the pie, the crust to the pizza. Being fat is just a label and nothing more because with skinny, you need to contradict it with fat. Do I consider the women above fat? Maybe Tess, only because her body proportions are not consistent with her face and the high chance of her being obese at 5ft tall.

But do I consider that a bad thing? Yes and no. Its good that she’s confident in showing off their bodies but she should also keep an eye on what she eats only because the consumption of certain fatty foods can lead to illnesses.

giphy (3).gif

But in the end, its a free world. If you disagree with my view, feel free to speak out. I just want to spread the message that fat is not a bad word, just a misunderstood word. So long as you’re healthy and happy, I have nothing to complain.

Just remember that we’re not Dean Winchester.



giphy (2).gif



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