This is your supreme overlord and leader, Darth Hatter and welcome to our headquarters where we plan out world domination alongside our fellowship of the ring. We have cookies, tea and muffins so do stay and have a listen to our daily presentation on How To Conquer The World And Make Your Subjects Love You!

Or so I say, actually, my name’s Hat, an Internet Hobbit that has only three things on her mind.

1) School work

2) Food

3) EVERYTHING Internet-related.

Feel free to riffle through my blog where I review newsworthy topics or rant about unlucky things in my life that will make you feel like going to the lottery straight after reading my posts.

I have really strong opinions about some stuff so if you’re easily triggered or are against the freedom of speech, I suggest you you take my words with a grain of salt. And perhaps prepare some holy water for I am about to open Hell’s gate itself with my unfiltered opinions.

In the words of a wise man:

“Why not just serve your own best interests? Which in this case just happen to be mine?”

~ Lucifer (Supernatural 2005-2017) ~