This is your supreme overlord and leader, Darth Hatter and welcome to our headquarters where I give my opinions on certain events or share life stories that will make you realize that maybe, just maybe your life isn’t as bad as it seems!

Or so I say, actually, my name’s Hat, an Internet Hobbit that has only three things on her mind.

1) School work

2) Food

3) EVERYTHING Internet-related.

Feel free to riffle through my blog where I review newsworthy topics or rant about unlucky things in my life that will make you feel like Lady Luck herself after reading them!

I have really strong opinions about some stuff so if you’re easily triggered or are against the freedom of speech, I suggest you you take my words with a grain of salt. And perhaps prepare some holy water for I am about to open Hell’s gate itself with my insistent rants.

Feel free to leave some feedback or criticism, I don’t mind as long as its constructive so fire away!