That is the real question.

I’m too furious to think straight so please endure this nonsensical babble until I can stop my fingers from searching up the nearest voodoo specialized shop within my vicinity and purchase a pack of 99 cent needles.


I’m no maestro when it comes to delicacy in fact, I’m about as blunt as a 2B pencil after a student’s end year examinations. Still, I am not exaggerating when I say that the world has a grudge against me or something. I mean getting hit in the face three times in a row is bad enough but this just takes the cake.

Recently, I was participating in a film competition of some kind that runs across a few different schools throughout my country as the director of my film group. It would not be a lie to say that I was pretty much the Cinderella of my film group. You would think that the director would get the privilege to sit in a fancy ass chair and scream ‘CUT!’ or ‘ACTION!’ while sipping on a overpriced coffee, occasionally adjusting the beret on my head but NOo.

Me being the director meant that I had to hold responsibility for all the mishaps that happened in my group and when I say all…I mean ALL. I had to deal with odd jobs like replacing lazy crew members that slacked off due to ‘reasons’ and dealing with my demon instructor.

On the last week of my holidays when we were due to hand in our film, my editor ‘miraculously’ had her whole week booked up with leadership training camps and ironically, church camps. Maybe it was a calling from God that directing isn’t something for me.


I had to scramble around after that because we were the only group missing the USB cable required to connect the camera to the laptop for the editing programme and unfortunately (Or should I say, fortunate is not something I am) the one USB cable has a specific plug in shape and that led to this scenario.

We had agreed to meet up at the library at 4 but then while I arrived on time, there was no one there. I was a nice person and waited…and waited…for 50 minutes. Keep in mind that this was the last day of holidays before school reopened. And somehow, some-freaking-how. I forgot how my editor looked like because Mr Jackass, my demonic instructor, had kept reshuffling our group and I didn’t know this girl.

Picture this. You’re standing outside a public library for 50 minutes and there’s like 4 girls waiting outside the library that look around the same age as you. You have no idea which one is your actual editor and they’ve been waiting there for as long as you have. You decide to circle around the library a few times both inside and out while waiting. Then you give up and go home.


Then of freaking course, it turns out that your editor had been in the bathroom this ENTIRE time. I would not be anymore annoyed if it didn’t start raining the moment I decided to go back to the library to meet up with her. Oh and my other friend who also has the wire, the reason why I couldn’t meet up with her or see anyone was because on that ONE day.

The train broke down for an hour.

So you think this is just a small problem. PFTTTT. You’ve seen nothing yet…

giphy (1).gif

Side fact: After the meetup, my editor finds out that she has a gaming laptop that’s not even compatible with the editing programme so in the first place, she didn’t even need the wire.

Side slippery slide fact: Mr Kelvin, you the real MVP. I wish you were our instructor instead of Mr Jackass because unlike a certain someone, you know how to give critical feedback rather than just being a pretentious critic. Plus I swear I could hear the angelic chorus of heaven when you actually complimented an idea I pitched.


Once school started, on the first week of school, I had to stay back from 3, straight after school, to 6, when my school closes just to assist my editor for 3 days in a row and during that time, I had lent my spare USB cable to the editor of my friend out of the good will of my heart. But I guess the world plans to crumble the tiny amount of kindness I have in my soul by making the editor A) Forget to return my USB cable, B) Forgot where she left my USB cable and C)Not a shit on where it is.

In fact, the damn cameraman had to be the one to tell me where my wire was and it was in the worst place imaginable. It was locked up in the computer lab’s private room in one out of 4 camera bags and she didn’t know which one it was in. Oh did I mention that my CCA only happens once a week so I could only get it back at the end of the next week.

Flash forward to the present.

I had caught a flu bug from my brother and was feeling utterly miserable not only because of my sickness but also because I had to do 3 projects in the span of a week and complete the never-ending stack of homework piling on my desk. So obviously, I was slacking off at home, watching the Summer 2017 release of anime which I’ll update later.

We had to have our principal’s approval of our films before it could be sent off and he is the most irresponsible, harsh and unkind principal I have ever seen. Let’s dub him, Mr..Pipi because his name is somewhat similar to a word that revolves around bathrooms. And whenever people see him, they would want him to ‘piss’ off anyways.


Either way, I had disliked him since his appearance as the new principal because of his idiotic rules (Which I would get to in another post) and his judgement of students. Especially when it came down to our films which was due on Friday. We had scrambled to edit everything so we could hand it to him for reviewing on the week before but not only did he delay everything to the last day before the due date for the submission for the competition but also requested that we had to stay back on Thursday to ‘touch up’.

I get that a principal is busy and blah blah but we had rushed our butts off to edit this for him and yet he only tells us on the second last day that we had to ‘edit more’. Also, he had asked us to stay back but he, himself didn’t turn up or even set a proper time for us to edit for his approval. In the end, he never responded to my CCA’s teacher’s messages and we were all free from imprisonment…at least that was what I thought.


Keeping in mind that I had been working on this film since early march for about 5 months straight, I was really proud of this little film I created not only because it was the first time I had stepped out of my comfort zone to become the leader of a group but also because I had put my blood (Literally. I broke my ankle), sweat (We had to camp out in the sun while traffic was running) and tears (I cried like a baby when I heard that we were finally finished) into this production and for an amateur, I thought it was pretty good.

“All is fair in war and love”

Or so they say. When I was absent for 2 days, I didn’t attend CCA and during my absence, Mr Pipi decided to take matters into his own hands and decide if our films were ‘good enough’ to represent our school. Being a humble, demure (snorts) girl, I was willing to accept whatever fate had in store for me.

What I didn’t expect was that even though the competition allowed 3 video entries from each school, only 2 films made it out alive from Mr Pipi’s scrutinized selections. One of them was my friend’s group which was a food docummentary that had been groomed and specially pampered by Mr Jackass to win and the other was my group which was a black and white film about cyber bullying.

Surprised? I was. Usually things don’t go my way unless I’m some kind of Shounen hero destined to save the world from the film freaks or something.


I was ecstatic…until I realized that Mr Pipi had decided to change my film’s name. Yes, My DAMN film. I’m not a film buff or anything but I do have great pride in my products of artistry and no matter how shitty and low grade the products are, I still like them and so without my permission, he changes the name of my film which I had painstakingly done a lot of research to find.

Digital Desolation. Simple but catchy. The ‘Digital’ is a reference to the use of phones and cyber-bullying in the film while the ‘Desolation’ refers to loneliness, a desolated wasteland in a manner of speaking which fits the theme of alienation and ostracizing someone. Its even used in the Hobbits for crying out loud!


Yet somehow, the ‘Desolation’ gets twisted to mean death. DEATH. And because our school’s a prim and proper tight arse, son of a bitch, we have to censor that word because its too ‘harsh’ like what the fuck. Death is a natural state of life, the opposite of life. Even if desolation means death, what is so bad about something we go though at the end of our life cycle. It’s not even a bad word, we even use it in science.

EDIT (8/20/17) : Actually I found out from my friend that the word he wanted to change was ‘demise’ rather than desolation but still, same premise. Another team was also disqualified because of ‘karma’ literally being the name and that we’re a christian school.

Here’s the irony, my film involves a suicide scene. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.



After this film competition, we also have to participate in a school project that lasts until next year when we graduate. I was absent so I was randomly shoved into a group. Bad luck being on my side, I was the only one out of my group of friends to go into the group of OP bastards not that I hated them but I was the ‘second-rate scriptwriter’ as compared to my CCA’s president.

My producer was fought over because she had impressed the members of my CCA with how she fought for her group when in reality, I was the one who had the guts to write a angry/polite email to Mr Jackass and beg/threaten him into reviewing our script once more. There’s a lot of things people don’t realize happening behind the scenes whether it involves me having to wrestle rights to allow us to film at a location of scout out locations by climbing 20 flights of stairs.


I wrote the original script and tried so hard to assist my ‘scriptwriter’ in re-tuning it but decided to do everything myself at the end while letting her steal my name. I had to deal with lazy cameraman/assistants that were more interested in playing games than checking angles and diva-like actors who complained for retakes.

I don’t mind if people take credit for the stuff I do but a little bit of appreciation won’t hurt anyone. For the film, I had taken up like 5 roles yet I was only credited as a dull, unimaginative, meek director. I had tried so hard for things to go my way but putting a smile on your face and shrugging it off never ends well.


I don’t care if people label me as selfish or arrogant or rude but it would not be a lie to say that I had done more than others can even imagine. It’s just that they don’t notice it.

Someday, I would want to be able to interact more with others and actually be able to be credited for all the things I have done but life isn’t always fair. Its just to me, life is just really really really specially cruel. Like a kick in the balls.

giphy (2).gif

Sun, Surf and slightly shitty luck

So today, I went on an outing to a water park with a few of my friends to celebrate one of their birthdays and I should’ve already predicted that the day was going to go swimmingly. Hah…get it? Swimming? Water? N-Never-mind, blame the chlorine.


Due to certain mishaps that happened, two of my friends were unable to go to the outing which left only 4 people including me. But no matter, I thought innocently, at least I’ll be able to have fun!

Oh god was a mistake, right it was.

Because once we entered the water park, we teamed up to ride the rides, I was with…let’s call her, Ness. And no, this is not some kind of mean reference to her name but rather finding it hard to find a nickname for her without revealing too much information.

So, Ness and I decided to ride this ‘not-so-scary’ float ride that looked something like this


Unfortunately for me, we had to climb the really high tower before we could reach the ride and considering that I was a 5ft 1′ tall hobbit and Ness was like 6ft tall, the height difference as we carried the huge float as we climbed mount Everest was painstakingly annoying. When we slid down the first time, we didn’t actually go so high so even though I was scared, it wasn’t that bad.

The second time, on the other hand, we somehow fell sideways and we also went super high so picture this. The float fell down, somehow turned horizontally, went about 50 ft in the air and one of the seats was broken and you couldn’t see the drop. Now, add in some screaming from every MC in horror movies and you have the scenario I was in that moment. So practically, me and Ness were screaming our heads off like One Direction fangirls who found a piece of paper that Harry Styles’s touched.


That wasn’t the end to my trauma, oh no, after that, we decided to try out another ride that went all twisty and had this high wall part so of course, I was shitting myself but because I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad, I went on it.

Again, an omen reminded me that it would be a bad idea to take the ride again as we were the only group who’s float got stuck in the tunnel and had to wait for the helper guy to push us through. I used to have this whole theory that omens would predict bad luck that was about to happen to me so naturally, I was hesitant.


A little background on the ride, there were two paths that we could take as we were sliding down. One of them was the least scary ride with only twists and the other one was a twisty tunnel and a huge drop straight into a spider-man wall cling.

And the omen guessed right. The first time we rode the ride, it was the milder path while the second time we went on the ride, we got the DEATH DROP. Ironically, before we sat on the float my friend told me to pick a seat where I would be more stable but for some reason, I was the only to have water spray me directly in my face and cause me to swallow some feet water which was about as pleasant as it sounds.


Then on the third time we rode the ride, because daredevils, the float for some reason, flipped horizontally again and guess who had the worse deal in the situation? Yours truly. I was the one highest in the float as compared to the others and of course, air physics and gravity had to choose today out of all the days to work properly and that meant that I was about to fall out of my float which would probably end in tragedy.

If I did not cling onto the handles for dear life, I would’ve fell out of the float and slammed into the wall and this time, I was not exaggerating, I was so close to actually sliding off the float and was pretty much floating for five seconds.


Apart from my newly upgraded phobia of heights, I also sustained actual injuries during the lazing around in the water. I somehow acquired a nosebleed which would probably answer the question to why the lifeguard was looking at me weirdly. I didn’t realize it but somehow, the combination of chlorine, sun and lack of water had affected my head which resulted in my unexpected nosebleed.


I then scrapped my legs knee against the wall enough times to welcome a new wound to my already damaged which are tanned to the colour of lobsters.

But hey enough depressing downer talk, let’s review the positives of the outing!

We went and ate at this amazeballs restaurant that had these weird food combinations that you could order for the low low price of $6.80 and this led to my decision to combine spaghetti with Japanese curry, cheese and scrambled eggs which…was actually pretty good not gonna lie. I wish I had a picture to show you peeps but it was so good that I had set a new record for the fastest eating of spaghetti with Japanese curry, cheese and scrambled eggs, probably.

But fear not because I had taken some pictures of hipster-styled useless-I mean, artistic photographs of my Iced Lemon Tea which wasn’t bad but I didn’t like tea so I gave it a pass and instead tried to wrestle in getting the lemon out of the tea which got me some weird looks.

IMG_20170607_170041.jpg IMG_20170607_170200.jpg

But then! All was not over yet! There was still desert left, the wondrous, beautiful creation that is called rainbow ice-cream. Yes, you heard me, R.A.I.N.B.O.W. ICE-CREAM

giphy (1).gif

And my friend, the birthday girl, she has the best luck in the entire universe which is also ironic since she’s friends with me, one of the unluckiest creatures in the galaxy. The rainbow, unicorn sparkle sparkle, キラキラ, きらきら, ice cream is not usually available in the restaurant and for some reason, on that one day did they happen to have it.



IMG_20170607_172417.jpg IMG_20170607_172518.jpg  IMG_20170607_172651.jpg

So I may have gotten a little crazy by taking so many ice cream photos, sue me but you know deep in your hearts that this is one of the most beautiful things you have every seen. Flavour wise, it was a mix of mango, bubblegum, maybe chocolate? My taste-buds have never been so confused before but it tasted good.

So this experience certainly has its ups and downs, ahem, literally but one thing I will say for sure, I will never look at escalators in the same way ever again.




The origin story to how I discovered Anime

Because I’m the socially awkward geek the Internet deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Because I can take it, because I’m not a social butterfly . I’m a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.


On a more serious note, Anime. If you do not know what Anime is, I have but one question for you. Have you been living under a rock?

giphy (1).gif

Anime make up a large quarter of the internet with the otakus (fans of Japanese anime, manga etc.) being found in every nook and cranny of the web. The Japanese cartoons have become widespread and is highly appreciated by every nerd.

Myself, I dearly love anime and not only because my obsession of the year is currently everything Japanese but also because it has played a significant part in my childhood which I remember clearly.

When I was at a really really young age, around 7? I had just discovered YouTube and even though I was behind on trends, I could figure out how to watch cartoons on YouTube as well as Minecraft game play videos which will be another story.

Now, keep in mind that fetus Hat was an innocent, untainted human bean so when I first discovered Anime, you could say that it…changed my perspective on life, forever.

The first Anime I’ve watched was a dubbed version of Mermaid Forest and maybe Mermaid Scar as well which are both OVAs of the Mermaid Saga, a series of Manga written by Rumiko Takahashi.

download (2).jpg

Side note: Manga= Comic styled books or graphic novels that are written in Japanese and read from back to front. OVAs= Original video animation of short film/animated excerpt from a manga series or light novel.

If you’ve watched the OVAs, you would know that’s its pretty gory with the horror aspect shown blatantly in the twisted modifications on the ‘mermaids’ as well as how, sexual it is? I mean the girls remove their clothes before going in the water to become mermaids so there’s that.

download (3)


Fun fact: Mermaids in Japanese culture are not the red-headed Ariel we’re all used to but rather a beastly fish-like monster that is rumored to give immortality when eaten. Yeah, EATEN. Now that’ll put a damper on you the next time you watch The Little Mermaid.


Minor spoilers but read ahead if you don’t want to get spoiled.

The plot of Mermaid’s forest goes like this. Yuta, our main hero, who’s no Goku or Saitama, has heard about the myth that eating mermaid’s flesh can give oneself immunity to all harm. His friends and himself end up finding and eating the flesh however, there is one problem. They didn’t realize that the mermaid’s flesh is a gamble, on one hand, there is the prospect of immortality but on the other hand, if the mermaid flesh gets rejected in the body of the consumer, the consumer will either be poisoned or get turned into a misshaped, ghastly beast known as lost souls. A shadow of their former selves. Yuta’s comrades turn into Lost souls while nothing happened to Yuta and he eventually forgets of his consumption of mermaid’s flesh, taking up a wife who unlike him, grows older with time.

Then begins his journey to find a mermaid to reverse the effects of the mermaid’s flesh and return him to his former age. On the way, he meets Mana, a girl hidden away by mermaids and he rescues her and thus, the two immortals become travelling companions and continue on their quest for a cure.


I was a big fan of Mermaids and mystical creatures when I was younger so watching this, did not specially cause any trauma-no, maybe a tiny bit but it was enjoyable? I think? I knew that I was hooked enough on it to remember it years after I’ve watched it so I did like the story and the early 2000s sailor moon-esque art style.

Of course, back then, I didn’t know that this was anime and I never did tell my parents about my secret watch session but thinking back, if I had showed them the anime, I’m sure that they would’ve locked me up in a (GOTHAM) asylum.



Fun fact: The gif above is an actual clip from the OVA. This is how the mermaids look like. Try imagining this in the mind of a kid.

Of course, this anime, despite being the reason to my warp in personality, has a soft spot in my heart for being an absolute masterpiece both in storytelling and art. Modern anime watchers may not agree with me on this point but in my humble opinion, anime doesn’t have to be gorgeous and have a harem of tits to be enjoyable.

Rating: 9.5/10 only because its an OVA and not a series.


If you’ve read my previous blog post then think of this as a continuation of that post,  a sequel, a part two-ni-dos-okay I’m getting off track. Basically I was filming today at 11am in the morning and shit happened.

So after spending 5-6 hours straight of yelling about camera angles, positions and settings to my crew, I was so ready to go home and sink into my fluffy blankets but then, something happened, something should I say-unexpected.

I was carrying the 4 boxes that were used as the props and took up 90% of my vision…while climbing down the stairs.

Oh. God. No



You would think that the one boy in my film group would be a gentleman and offer to perhaps take at least one of the boxes but no, he was twiddling his thumbs while walking down the stairs with nothing but a phone. I wouldn’t complain if he was actually less whiny throughout the day. I mean while the rest of us were sweating through our knickers, he was having a full on model photo shoot, eagle spread, making a bed out of tables.


My eyes have been cleansed. Thank you…anime gods and Haru-Mostly Haru..Maybe Makoto..Or Rin-ANYWAYS, I’m getting off track.

So there I was, wobbling down the stairs like


Except…I was much less graceful.

And that was when tragedy struck, I missed the last three steps and fell…


And that was the story of how I died…Oh wait wrong story.

*Yells in the distance*


Actually what happened was that I landed smack down on the side of my foot and squished my ankle into smithereens. So my ankle is now swollen red and the size of a grape fruit.

Ironically enough, I actually had to  see my demon instructor tomorrow and I DO not want to see him so but also, coincidentally, I have my social studies project meet-up tomorrow and there is no way out of this situation yet thankfully? My friend has a filming session that was scheduled at the last minute and I was able to skip out of my Filming session.

However, my foot currently hurts like hell but I’m able to skip out of a demon-like filming session.

So…should I consider this good or bad luck?




Bad day at…well pretty much everywhere.

You know how the opposite poles of a magnet attract each other? Yeah, that pretty much describes my relationship with Lady Luck. Oh bless her, what a enchanting creature she is.

Well, at least…on her good days which is pretty much non-existent. Normally, she would act like an overly clingy girlfriend-



A-Ahem…anyways, luck has always been a shitty curse on my side. I bet you that the day I win the lottery is the day I win a gold medal for sports. NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN.

I mean, just to review some events that has contributed to my demise.


For some reason, whenever I play sports, I always have the worst luck when it comes to the sports I play. For example, I played badminton when I was 13 for PE so for some…weird reason, I was the only one who caused the shuttlecock to fly 50 feet out of the window and out of my school. Yeah…OUT THE FRAKIN WINDOW.

Oh and that was not the end of it, just 5 minutes after that happened, I lightly tapped the shuttlecock, it ended up on the air conditioner. Yeah…twice in a row.




I confess. I identify as a socially awkward, slightly uncomfortable, dead silent amoeba. Nah, I wish life was that easy to just swim around in nothingness. Instead, as you can tell, I’m a very introverted person, preferring the comfort of my home base rather than some insane party. In fact, I skip class outings most of the time just because I don’t really like interacting with the others, nothing against my classmates but making me attend an outing is like forcing a fish to walk on land.

You could say that it would be….FISHY.


BA-DUM TSSSSSSSSS…Welcome to my blog, come for the awkward stories, stay for the bad puns…or leave…no actually don’t.


So groups are my no.1 menace and currently I have a track record of 10 matches with the guy I despise. Seriously. The one guy that I find super annoying is stuck with me in the same ‘randomly’ generated groups over and over again. COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT!


So, when it comes to projects, I’m pretty dependable-not to brag but I managed to pull a last minute, solo project on creating a documentary with stock images, a shitty voice recording and half-completed subtitles! I consider it to be my greatest achievement in life.

BUT GOD DAMN. The world apparently has a distinct hatred against my ability to procrastinate my projects.

The number of problems that pop up during my group projects are endless. Its like Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan) season 2. You think they’re gonna release it in a year but NOOOOO, it was delayed to 4 years after the first season’s release.

  1. Schedule problems – Because everyone has a hair appointment at 3.25 pm and apparently is some high class piano maestro with recitals that take up the whole week.
  2. Distribution of work – There will always be that one person who takes up 80% of the work while there will be that one person who will do jack shit.
  3. Boredom – Projects drain the hell out of your fun bar and that results in procrastination after procrastination as well as people purposely skipping meet-up dates with useless reasons.

Right now, I’m working on a short film for a film competition that involves many schools widespread in the country and guess what? I’m the director. Peachy. Just peachy.

Frankly, I don’t like directing simply due to the reason that no matter what I do, I will always get yelled at or scolded due to my inability to answer complicated questions.

Well boo hoo, you may say, what’s so harsh about a little criticism?

Well, that’s constructive criticism and just straight up pissing someone off. Constructive criticism involves simple comments that are polite on how one can improve certain aspects of a skill or such while pissin’ on someone will involve making an annoying and insulting ‘french’ accent which makes them sound like a demented Mickey Mouse and mocking if they ‘understand what I’m saying’.

Okay, I may be a bit slow in understanding things. Sue me. Just because I can’t instantly understand half of the things you say doesn’t mean that you have the right to call someone stupid or mock them. Especially when the person is an adult.

That’s right. My film instructor is an adult and also a male that wears fuckin’ hats indoors with sunglasses. Oh and did I mention that he likes using rope to tie a noose around his neck? And no, I don’t mean him wanting to kill himself unlike someone…


I get that he is trying to drill the world of professional filming into our heads but seriously? Need I remind you that we are students. Students that have to study and have a life outside of filming. We can’t be absolutely perfect when it comes to learning something new.

Oh and we’re not always the ones at fault when concerning the instructor’s incompetence at replying to one email…or twenty that we had sent him in order to get his opinion on our scripts or such. He didn’t even allow us to start filming until the last minute, a month before the deadline.

One thing me and my classmates can agree on is that the instructor has no idea what’s he’s doing sometimes I mean seriously, reshuffling the different group members 10 times to the point where I have written over 15 unused scripts with 5 different directors.

Now, enough bitchin’ on the instructor, let’s move on to the problems with my group. I’ve faced countless problems in just one day, today. Ranging from last minute piano lessons and work that for some reason cannot be skipped even for a minor to catching a virus on the first day of the filming, my filming journey has been absolutely miserable.

After the raising of my blood pressure by my wonderful film instructor, I had to deal with a skipping editor that has no idea if he wants to attend filming sessions or not, a scriptwriter that doesn’t write her own script and a cameraman that gets sick conveniently on the first day of filming.

The editor is a major pain in the ass. I mean, he isn’t disobedient in which he does his editing well but he just doesn’t communicate…like at all. Whenever I ask him to answer something, all I get is a

The scriptwriter…is a touchy subject because she is my kohai and I do like her as a junior but man, I do wonder what does she actually contribute to the group. I do see that she is hardworking in how she asks questions and tries her best to edit the script according to my wishes but…you can hardly call changing 5 lines ‘editing’ can you? In fact, I was the one who created the original concept and script and when I asked her to make the script, her own. She just changes like some words here and there and calls it a day. That results in many painstakingly long hours of reviewing and editing the scripts myself. Adding onto the fact that she has work just screams ‘STRESS’ with everyone having to attend each filming session if we don’t want our hard work to go to waste and her being able to attend a large number of…..ZERO times.


Lastly, the cameraman. No complaints with his work. He is able to provide valuable feedback to the group by consulting with me about angles and location and such but of course, the fucking goddess that is Luck had to screw me over by making him ‘sick’ and on the first day of filming where we needed the cameraman to strictly be there.

Not to mention that one of my actors bailed on me and another had to skip so me and my awesome producer had to scramble around for replacements. Oh and one of my main actors doesn’t have a phone so when I saw her crossing the street like a kilometer away, I was ready to go full on sonic mode but at that exact moment when I was preparing to mimic the Flash, the traffic light turned red and a large blue van blocked our view so we couldn’t tell where our actor had went.



And now its currently about to be midnight and I have to wake up really early for the shoot tomorrow yet I’m typing a long winded rant about my hatred of luck.



いらっしゃいませ WELCOME

Hey! I’m Hat, an introverted, internet obsessed teenager who likes to write and draw a little. I used to have a previous blog but due to some reasons, I’m shifting to this one so if you’re here from my previous blog, jolly good to see ya’.

Just a little information about me through a Q&A session with myself!

*I sit comfortably in the plush armchair and sip on some tea as my (evil) twin joins me in the opposite chair by the fireplace*

Evil Hat: So, your name is?

Nice Hat: HAT.

Evil Hat: Hat? Like a cap? Pft stupid name.

Nice Hat: Hey! I actually like the name-I think?

Evil Hat: Uh huh…Anyways, what do you like to do in your free time?

Nice Hat: *A creepy wide grin spreads across face* WELL…I like to watch Dan and Phil on YouTube where they post stupidly adorable videos on awkwardness as well as their gaming videos which they suck at but are still enjoyable. I also like to watch gaming videos by Hannah (Yogcast), PSJ, Game Theory, Vanoss, Geek and Sundry, Cry-OH OH! I also like watching a lot of webseries usually literary ones like NMTD by the candlewasters. OH OH also I am currently obssessed with everything Japanese like Anime, Manga, video games, Food….Did I mention food? Actually, I also am a fan of comics and stuff like that but I don’t really watch too much marvel or Dc movies though I do enjoy the art and backstories. I also also also looveee books like seriously. I enjoy every books except YA because nowadays, YA sucks balls. The MC is just so annoying with all her *Does big eyes* oh woe is me, my life is so sad, boo hoo, fifty boys are after me yet I am all aesthetic black and white, gif of girl crying…so sad. NOT. I mean seriously, what is wrong with the plot-

Evil Hat: OKAY OKAY! We get it! Sheesh…nerd.

Nice Hat: Hey! That’s mean

Evil Hat: Duh. That’s kind of the point. *points to the ‘evil hat’ tag above her head*

Nice Hat: Z

Evil Hat: Hey, what’s with that weird picture?

Nice Hat: Weird? I think its pretty nice, I mean…I kinda drew it…so…

Evil Hat: Tsk, nice picture, Van Gogh. What is that suppose to be? Some kind of squid?

Nice Hat: HA..HA…It actually took me quite a long time to be able to find something that I can consider to be my art style. It’s not as easy as you think because someone like me, who learns through copying, has a hard time having my own original work.

Evil Hat: Huh? What do you mean? Isn’t it really easy..I mean anyone can draw a stickman.

Evil Hat: HATTY

Evil Hat: See? I bet you that there will be at least 3 kids who can draw the freaking Mona Lisa!

Nice Hat: I suppose but right now, I’m currently trying out new things rather than mindlessly sketching or copying. Side note: The art programme I’m using is called FireAlpaca and its freaking brilliant! I mean, I discovered this programme while I was browsing YouTube for free, good art programme and this is pretty well known to be almost as good as photoshop and stuff.

Evil Hat: #Notsponsored

Nice Hat: I’m currently drawing with a mouse and yes, it is slightly difficult but it isn’t that hard once you get used to it. It took me around 2 days or maybe even less than one to get used to drawing with it so try it out, aspiring artists.

Evil Hat: Last question, tell an embarrassing story.

Nice Hat: Wha-What? WHY?

Evil Hat; Because, its a Q and A?

Nice Hat: B-But..

Evil Hat: Need I remind you that it was your idea in the first place?

Nice Hat: Argh…Fine…

Evil Hat: *Clicks pen, pushes up glasses, turns on recorder as well as pushes fifty microphones towards Nice Hat*

Nice Hat: ….It all began when I was on an outing with my friends. Well…I was feeling a bit ditsy…It had been my first outing out with my friends so we decided to go to a mall and that was when all of hell broke lose.

Evil Hat: Did you like set a wig on fire or something?


Nice Hat: Pffttt…N-No….Urm…HEY! Isn’t that the principal from Karasuno? Haikyu!! Heh..Heh..

Evil Hat: Don’t change the subject!

Nice Hat: A-Anyways! So, I was dared to…ahem…’pole dance’ so to speak.

Evil Hat: So you acted like a stripper?

Nice Hat: WHAT. THE. HELL.

Evil Hat: What? I mean…its true?

Nice Hat: Sigh…whatever. Anyways, I hugged one of the pillars in the malls for a minute and that was when tragedy struck. A guy was walking beside me and he was holding his laptop when he saw me doing my impression of a koala, he must’ve done a double take.

Evil Hat: Koala?

Nice Hat: The guy slammed into the wall beside me and his laptop, which was out in the open, smashed onto the ground and broke into many pieces. There was frustrated sounds emitting from the guy before he scrambled away.

Evil Hat: OOooh..I can feel the pain of the guy.

Nice Hat: So…yeah…what about you?

Evil Hat: I once thought that raisins were chocolate chips and puked all over the table in kindergarten?

Nice Hat: Woah.

Evil Hat: Do you want to hear more? I know this one story about-

Nice Hat: AND ThAT’S all the time we have for today! We’ll see you next time on Hat’s Hatastic Hatventures! Bye Bye! Say goodbye, Hat!

Evil Hat: Goodbye Hat or whatever…